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Through expert waste management consultancy, we can help you improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and sharpen up your environmental credentials.satisfaction, its R&D department which constantly improves its methods, and its high awareness on the environment.


  • Ensure legal compliance with environmental legislation
  • Advise on waste handling, storage and transportation
  • Assist with problematic waste streams
  • Advise on waste reduction and re-use
  • Provide information about the latest waste-management technologies and methods

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E- waste Regulation  Development  

Why E-waste recycling?

Regulations on E-Waste Management

Basel Convention:

  • International treaty signed by Saudi Arabia to reduce import /export of hazardous materials between nations specially from developed countries to developing countries

Extended Producer Responsibility:

  • Directive where the manufacturer / producer will bear the cost of disposal of the products.
  • Producer may choose to delegate this responsibility to a third party (Producer Responsibility Organization), which is paid by the producer for used-product management (Currently no such regulation exists in Saudi Arabia)

Improper dispose of IT Equipment  International Reports


In fact, insecure disposal of IT assets is the cause of data loss in 10% of cases, according to  2010 KPMG international report, with serious implications for government sensitive data that can be misused by terrorists.  Other reports show that around  40% of hard drives reach the secondhand market still containing sensitive data, including a 2009 study by kesslers International

Cost – Benefit Analysis (Government department & B2B Organization)

Why e-Waste Recycling 

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